February is for Foodies I Foodie Inspired

It was just Christmas, New Years then we blinked and suddenly it’s February. Can you believe it? Just when you’ve gotten into the rhythm of going to the gym and adopting a healthy-ish routine, February sweetly reminds us of all the delicious temptations that lie ahead. Super bowl, National Pizza Day, Valentine’s Day….we are salivating at the thought of the potential treats that could end up on our plates and that brings us both joy and grief. Joy to our taste buds and grief – well because, GOALS. What if I told you and your families could indulge guilt free? Yes, you read that right. For you foodie inspired people we’ve rounded up various recipes ranging from kid friendly, plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan, nourishing, seasonal, dietary, paleo, creative (for the kids!) and more! February is for foodies, but, first thing is first, score your own personal touchdown with these delicious and healthy super bowl eats!

Healthy Chipotle sweet potato skins

You’ve got skin in the game? Well you now also have skins on your plate! These Healthy Chipotle sweet potato skins are totally worth the bet! Get the full recipe at half baked harvest !

Petso & turkey Cucumber Roll ups

Perfect finger foods for you to roll into the first quarter. Get the full recipe at Ambitious Kitchen!

Easy Baked Chicken Nuggets

You have enough to worry about hosting, make these little chicken nuggets for your little nuggets. Get the full recipe at Whole New Mom !

Zucchini Turkey Sliders

Slide right into the halftime with these tasty and hearty sliders. Get the full recipe at Food Wine Thyme !

Queso Blanco Mexican White Cheese Dip

You had us at cheese and we’re already mid dip! Get the full recipe at Veggies Dont Bite !

Super Ball Sweet Treet

Keep these sweet treats on the sideline until the 4th quarter. Otherwise, they might not make it. Get the full recipe at Heart Have Home !

National Pizza Day February 9th

Through thick and thin Pizza will always be there and these mini pizza recipe won’t go breaking your heart! So grab a slice, slice baby! Get the full recipe at Sarah Hearts !

Cauliflower Pizza

Guilt free Crust means pile on those toppings. Healthy toppings of course! Get the full recipe at Our Best Bites !

Valentine’s Day Flourless 5 Minute S’mores Molten Lava Cake

Yeah, you read that right. 5 minutes. This is a quick microwave fix for you and your sweet! And Plus, s’mores. Get the full recipe at Veggies Dont Bite !

No bake Vegan brownies with chocolate ganache

No oven? No problem. This recipe is made of dates and perfect dessert for your special date! Get the full recipe at Minimalist Baker !

Healthy Cookie Dough

Those are three words you never thought would go together, but, in this case, it’s true. Dig into this recipe! Get the full recipe at Pop Sugar !

Raspberry overnight Oats

Time saving and simple is always a treat, but when the taste also delivers, we’re smitten! Get the full recipe Born to Sweat !

Eat your heart out Fruit salad

What’s better than eating delicious food?

Taking pictures of your delicious food!

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