5 Tasteful Ways to Show Off Your Super Cute Kids | InstaMom Inspired

It’s commonplace these days to huddle around a phone sharing photos, but there’s a better way to share your photos, a way nearly obliterated by time and technology. It’s simple: Print them. But, wait, there’s more: Display them, too.

Here are five fun ways to set your family photos free:

1 Make Your Cloud Rain Photos

This cloud where your baby’s pictures are saved could get full, spew its contents, and your baby’s first steps, first tooth and first denim outfit will evaporate. Or you have no cloud – just a phone that fell in the toilet. Avoid the future lamenting. Print your best baby pics now on an poster with 50 or 54 of your favorite moments.

2 If You Like It, Put A Frame On It

Is your 5-inch screen really the best frame for your beautiful child? That cutie pie is worth a 21 x 25 expertly printed, framed and matted. Choose from classic black or barnwood frames.

3 The Story Of Your Life By You

Because those pictures every month don’t showcase the changes unless you see them together. A great way to get your photos out of your phone and onto your coffee table is to print a photo book every 3-6 months. It’s a great way to show the passage of time.

4 Two Birds, One Stone

Relatives like hard copies for their wallets and refrigerators. Busy parents like simplicity. Here’s the perfect compromise: Postcard prints. Order 24 postcards with up to 24 unique images on them. Address, stamp, add a quick message and tackle the next thing on your list.

5 Your Life Is A Masterpiece

Turn your favorite baby photos into a work of art instantly by printing it on canvas. Enjoy museum-quality printing at a tiny fraction of the cost.

PrintMates dedicates itself to turning your memories into works of art you will cherish.

PrintMates makes the highest quality reproductions of your photos in a wide array of mediums, including prints in all shapes and size on quality photo paper, metal, wood and canvas. Hang them in your home or give as meaningful gifts to your family and friends.