Baby Milestones Moms Always Overlook | Top Baby Milestones

Baby milestones don’t happen at the exact moment the charts say, but being the savvy parent that you are, you’re always snapping pictures, so you’re likely to get the very moment. But here’s the real deal: It doesn’t have to be the first time it happens to mark the milestone. Get your camera ready now that you know that the cute and remarkable thing is going to happen. Go ahead and stage the scene; go down in history as the parent who never had a dirty house and whose kid was always clean and color-coordinated!

Here’s the other real deal: Every moment of that first year is a milestone; it’s new to the baby and it’s exciting to see their discoveries. It’s their first time for everything—their first August 1; their first Day 300. A calendar does not have to be your only guide to what pictures make the baby milestones album. What about these amazing moments:

Baby Smiles

She or he smiles in recognition of mom, dad, or another person she recognizes, maybe her sibling? Once you realize baby is doing that, dress baby and the sibling in those coordinating outfits and capture both their faces. That’s a frame-able moment.

Tasty Toes

Baby discovers their feet–and generally they’re quite tasty. Better than ice cream if they picture you create with the baby next to a bowl or a cone is an indicator. What a cute picture to send the grandparents, aunts, and uncles. If you’re fortunate enough to have a turtle outfit for your baby, this is a great time to put it on junior. Baby becomes a turtle stuck on their back… but enjoying their toes! That’s better than a picture; that’s a card!

Another adorable baby moment: When they pick up an item and have a general idea what to do with it … but not quite. Hair brush goes on the head, but that first attempt always seems to have the brush upside down or backward. It happens with spoons and shoes and so many things. It’s easy to picture. And those pictures would be easy to display in a grid.

Peek-a-boo Moments

When you want to get the perfect picture of your perfect, beautiful baby, play peek-a-boo. Catch those excited faces, shining eyes, laughter and hand clapping. Easy pictures to get because babies can play peek-a-boo forever. At least that’s how it might feel to the adult. It’s worth it; that’s the kind of picture often worthy of portrait treatment. Print it large; print it on canvas.

Nature Baby

Another art-worthy moment could come the first time your babe walks in sand, sees the ocean, or sees and touches snow. It’s a first moment you can plan, so have your camera ready. Then think of special treatment for this lovely nature shot; print it on wood.

Cry, Baby

Tears. There will be lots of them, but not at first. Babies may come out crying, but the tears don’t start right away. So when the real tears come, photograph those early watery moments. Share that tiny special moment with family.


When you wake up suddenly, heart racing, you run into the room to see if everything is OK and realize baby slept through the night. Baby. Slept. Through. The. Night! Try to keep your cheers silent and rush for your camera. This is one for the books! The photobooks.

Less Perfection

Tantrum: Yep. Take a picture and put it in the baby book too. When they are older they need to know they weren’t just cute.

Tummy Time Workout

Baby push-ups: The result of successful tummy time deserves a picture. Holding up his head and getting his shoulders off the floor too–well, that was hard work for baby! Click the button.
When your baby starts rolling over, use the photo burst feature most cameras have and photograph each kick and twist. You’ll have great shots to showcase in a panoramic or series.

Every Special Day

Day 299. Nothing special, except it’s one of those days when you really notice how your infant is gone and your baby is almost a toddler. It’s sad; it’s joyful. bittersweet. Take a picture for yourself. It’s one to print small and keep in your wallet, just to remember this moment. Day 299. Choose how to keep and display that personal moment, that feeling for yourself.