How to Use Your Pictures as Home Decor

What turns a house into a home? Some might say the clutter and piles, but most people are trying to rid their lives of those–or at least hide them! Instead a home is made by the melding of personalities of the people in the home. And nothing shows those connections better than photos. So if you’re looking to upgrade your baby paraphernalia style for something more adult and put together, take a look at these easy design tips on how to use your pictures in your phone gallery as home decor. 

Start Easy. Frame Some Pictures.

It’s time to get some of those pictures off your phone and onto your wall. A series of photos look classy and organized. Try a photo grid with nine to 12 framed pictures over your couch or as an accent wall. The perfect series? Travel shots, baby milestones, family portraits, special occasions captured. That’s not just decoration; that’s warmth and joy.

Take the Long View

A series of photos from the same event can have a dynamic affect as well. It’s a flip book or film strip for your wall. Instead of a grid, go panoramic with a photo montage, like Brisbane’s Baby Milestones’ photographer Angie Petersen did. Check out baby Willow thoroughly enjoying some chocolate custard. This could easily be a multi-frame display, but here’s a good use for those photo burst shots!

Tiny Pictures Make You Happy

A series works well with tiny pix too. Many tiny pictures clustered on a side table or couch table creates a little photographic story area that you and visitors will love. This is just what all those cute memo clips are for. Tiny pictures are also great for making cute collages; put them in a frame or create the collage on a cork or cloth memory board. The pictures could be from a favorite family vacation or a child’s best athletic moments. Mix the tiny pictures with square and classic ones. A collage is a personal and clever piece of decoration perfect for any empty wall spot, even in a mudroom or bathroom. And it’s likely something a child would be fascinated by, yet it will elevate design in their room without them even knowing it.

Keep It Casual

Many people have a room where they just want to kick back and relax. It doesn’t have to feel like a setting for a magazine spread. Yet no one wants an ugly room. The casual room can be attractive, inviting and personal. Add something special, something that stands out. Try a Acrylic 4×6 Block Picture Frame with a custom classic 5×7 Print which doesn’t disrupt the casual air but certainly puts eye candy in the form or your pictures front and center. For something that really stands out take a picture of something dynamic like your baby crawling toward you or something with great color and print it on metal. Metal prints make the color and action pop. Your casual room just traded denim for cashmere. sweats for jeans.

Table Adornment

The search is over for the perfect custom photo, coffee table book. Your coffee table is longing for a family photo book full of memories and the faces that say love in your household. And you don’t have to cut down your selection of pictures as much as you think; multiple books create a lovely and interesting stacked display. Try different sizes of memory-filled books to create variety. But feel free to spread them throughout the house. The coffee table doesn’t have to get all the love!

Season of Change

Seasons change and your decor can change with it. The seasonal changes are right there is your pictures. With the chilly days of fall, your little one looked like an Ewok in her furry little coat and hat and you had to snap her picture. That will represent fall to you for years to come. Frame it and rotate it annually into your decor. The same can be done with the picture of your baby boy discovering snow or the ocean.

Beyond Garland

Your holiday decorations can be both unique and easy. Use fewer lights more garland and more of your own photographs. The photo that actually has the whole family sitting around the tree in PJs? Blow that up and show it prominently. And part of the holiday decor can definitely be the amazing picture that captures the wonder of Christmas in the eyes of your toddler. In fact, that one is more than a picture; it’s art and deserves the treatment of a museum piece. Print it on canvas, print it large and make it a holiday display piece or mix it up with classic prints and square prints and showcase the special moments with a simple but tasteful photo garland.

Help Your Friends Decorate

Even holidays without the glitz and baubles of Christmas have produced family photos that can personalize a home. Dad in an Easter bunny costume. Teens lighting a menorah. The child with the turkey leg that’s almost as big as he is. Family around the Thanksgiving table. Your decor never has to go stale. And your holiday cards don’t have to look like anyone else’s. Personalize and enliven friends’ and family’s holiday decor too. Get your favorite picture as a set of cards or make every gift card in your set a different picture, a special choice for every recipient.

Special Days

Let the calendar continue to guide your decorating choices. Pictures from other special days can be the focal point of the room of your choosing. Alongside the crepe paper twists and balloons add pictures from previous birthdays to the decorations. That first birthday, with the baby and cake meeting for the first time, will be the perfect birthday moment forever. It’s a picture that should come out every year if it’s not already on display every day! It is the perfect refrigerator magnet–for everyone you know.

Special Years

Similarly, display pictures of a couple celebrating an anniversary during their celebratory month. Use frames or cards, or make a poster collage of the couple and their favorite photos together. Whether you’re using for decorative purposes for a party, or for decorating the home, your fondest memories are front and center.