Valentine’s Day Photo Inspiration I Valentine’s Day

The store aisles are clad with chocolate hearts, pink-hued floral bouquets, and love notes —Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This heart-filled holiday conjures visions of kisses, candies, and sweetness. And it’s the perfect time to gather your little ones in their best red and pink gear and set aside some time for a fun and festive photo shoot. From creating a kissing booth, to cluttering the house in bunches of balloons, below are some Valentine’s Day photo ideas that will leave you inspired and your camera busy!

Set Up a Kissing Booth

What’s more love day-esque than a kissing booth for your cuties? To create a simple kissing booth as a photo prop, repurpose old wood around the house. Flip a wooden crate over for your kids to sit on or use a rustic-looking coffee table set in the middle of the grass. Have your kids dress up in Valentine’s Day attire — maybe that means dresses and costume jewelry for the girls and Dad’s red tie and tall socks for the boys. You can even use red, pink, and white paint on select pieces of wood to write things like “Kisses for 25 cents” and “XOXO” or to set up a list of kissing booth services like butterfly kisses, air kisses, eskimo kisses and more. Whatever it is, have fun with it and encourage the kids to get involved, too. See more kissing booth ideas here!

Go Crazy with Balloons

Sometimes, there’s nothing easier and more festively fun for Valentine’s Day photo shoots and photo prints than the simplicity of big bunches of red, pink, and white balloons. There are quite a few ways you can set up balloon photo shoots — all it takes is a little bit of creativity. Try placing heart helium balloons in bundles with long strings attached and having your kids stand outside with them in hand (either in front of the house, in the backyard, or in a nearby park with open space). If the messy look is more your style, opt for free floating balloons on the ground inside with your little ones sitting amidst the mayhem. Of course, dressing to match the part in heart-clad clothes will add to the whimsy, too. You could also create a stunning balloon heart backdrop! Get the balloon heart backdrop tutorial here!

Create Your Own Festive Garland

At Christmas time, it’s often a tradition for families to create red and green Christmas garland out of strips of construction paper. This is a great idea for a last minute photo shoots for Valentine’s Day. too. Create paper chains using different shades of red and pink to hang from the top of the ceiling, as well as heart-shaped paper tied onto curly ribbon to throw into the mix. To make things extra fun, set your little ones in the midst of it all and give them props to hold up. Then, snap away! As a tip, look for a simple backdrop like a white wall to set up. If you have them available, integrating Polaroid style images or tiny prints as garland looks neat, too. Create this simple garland!

Incorporate Sweethearts

Sweetheart candies are synonymous with Valentine’s Day and they’re super inexpensive! Consider purchasing them in bulk and integrating the hearts into your photoshoot. This works especially well for newborns, as you can outline a shape of a heart with the candies and place the baby in the center of all the love. The candies are also colorful and cute when placed in clear jars and used in combination with any of the other photo shoot ideas. You can also integrate homemade paper Sweethearts with text that’s specific to your kids — like Hayley’s 1st Heart Day or Kisses from Caleb. Then, use the images to send personalized greeting cards or uniquely yours magnet gifts out to family and friends as a Valentine’s Day surprise. More cute photos here!

Cover Them With Kisses

This is an easy-to-execute idea that will fill you with happy memories and adorable images. All you have to do is get out your favorite red or pink lipstick and shower your kids with tons and tons of kisses. For babies, it’s cute to have them just in a diaper with kisses on their tummies and foreheads. For older kids, it’s fun to have them dress the part in reds and pinks with the outlines of mom’s kisses on their foreheads and cheeks. Better yet — adorn them with your biggest, best smooches and set them up in the kissing booth to sell their own.

There is always Chocolate

When all else fails, as Charles M. Schulz says, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Whether you’re dressing your kids up in every piece of red and pink clothing they own or creating infinite amounts of heart-shaped garland, we hope these tips give you a whole bunch of love day inspiration and we encourage you to get out there and capture images that speak to your own heart.

From all of us at Print Mates, Happy Valentine’s Day!